MIDIbox Hardware Platform, Digital IN Module, old layout

Soldering Guide

This soldering guide explains how to build a DIN module based on the old layout (e.g. from Mike). If you want to build a module based on the revised layout from SmashTV please continue at this page.

Start with soldering the 10 bridges which save you from creating a 2-layer board. You can use the cutted legs of caps and resistors, before you throw them away after you finished all the modules! :-) Note that the 4 bridges between Pin 15 of the ICs and Vss (ground) will be soldered at the bottom side!
This pictures shows the 4 additional bridges, realized with isolated cables.
Stuff the other components: IC-sockets, Resistors, Connectors, ICs.
Add also the four additional Bypass Caps between Vdd and ground (Vss) of each chip on the bottom side of the PCB as close to the +5V power input of the 74HC165 as possible. They improve the power integrity.
This picture shows how to connect a DINX4 module to the core module (DINX4:J1 -> CORE:J9)
A DINX4 module within a MIDIbox64.

Last update: 2019-01-04

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