MIDIbox CV Change Log

Last Release: V1.3 @ 2011-12-18

  • V1.3
    • external clock divider now handled correctly if song position pointer is received instead of MIDI start event

  • V1.2
    • support for MBHP_AOUT_NG module
    • support for BankStick.
      Up to 128 patches can be stored in a 32k BankStick (24LC256), they can either be selected from the control surface, or via Program Change (channel assignable in main.asm)
      !!! IMPORTANT !!!
      BankStick at CS#0 will be formatted automatically if this hasn't been done before. This could lead to data loss if you upload the application into a MIDIbox which is normaly running with another firmware which accesses the BankStick (e.g. MBSID or MBSEQ) Solution: either remove the BankStick from core module, or disable it in main.asm (-> DEFAULT_BANKSTICK_NUMBER 0)
    • added linear interpolation function which allows to smooth the CV output curve by a configurable slew rate from 1 mS to 64 mS This feature is especially useful when CV outputs are controlled by 7bit velocity or CC values, as it gets use of the full 12bit resolution and reduces zipper noise dramatically.
      mbcv_without_interpolation.mp3 CC filter sweep without interpolation
      mbcv_with_interpolation.mp3 CC filter sweep with interpolation
    • legato/mono/poly mode setting now selectable for each channel separately
    • main page now displays patch number, patch name and 8 animated (short-triggered) activity meters
    • there is now a DIN sync start/stop output available at pin C.1 (CORE::J7:SC)
    • the DIN sync clock output is now located at pin C.0 by default (CORE::J7:RC, consistent with MBSEQ)
    • minor bugfixes

  • V1.1
    • support for MBHP_AOUT_LC module
    • a calibration menu page has been added
    • the gate polarity can now be changed separately for each channel
    • an output curve can now be selected for each channel separately.
      Available curves: 1V/Oct, Hz/V, Inverted, Exponential
    • a clock output is now provided to generate pulses from an incoming MIDI clock. Provided rates: 24 ppqn / 1..16 and 96/46/32 ppqn (interpolated)
      The default pin is RD4 (Core Module, J14)
      The default pulsewidth is 1 mS
      Both settings can be changed in main.asm
    • NOTE: the 8 gate outputs are available at J5, this option is DISABLED by default, it has to be enabled by setting the ENABLE_J5 switch to 1 in main.asm
      This is to reduce the risk that somebody doesn't read the documentation and uploads the firmware on a MIDIbox64 (or similar), where J5 is used as pot input. A short circuit would happen which could destroy the port drivers!

  • V1.0
    • initial release

Last update: 2024-05-08

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