MIDIbox FM Change Log

Last Release: V1.4h @ 2014-03-02

  • V1.4i
    • Wavetable step #16..31 now stored/restored as intended

  • V1.4h
    • Wavetables can now be changed via SysEx when they are stored in RAM

  • V1.4g
    • fixed SysEx import issue with OP Algorithm
    • added presets/bank2/funkybank-v1.syx to the release package.
      This bank contains 128 awesome patches which have been created by Martin aka. mburch

  • V1.4e
    • all drumsets are selectable again (previously only A1..A5)
    • presets/midibox_fm_drumsets.syx has been overworked, it now contains 16 *different* drumsets
    • changed encoder mode to MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED3 since it's compatible with most encoders

  • V1.4d
    • sammichFM option: encoder scrolls menu page, up/down button select drum patch

  • V1.4c
    • changed way how percussions are handled to ensure that no trigger is lost on "short notes"

  • V1.4b
    • OPL3 register accesses improved for sammichFM

  • V1.4a
    • bugfix for Instrument->AOUT assignments

  • V1.4
    • PIC18F4685 only: CC assignment changes for Velocity/Aftertouch/Modwheel/WT are now non-destructive (shadow buffers are used for all parameters)
    • PIC18F4685 only: CC assignment names are now print on screen
    • changed velocity/modwheel/aftertouch depth parameter resolution to allow 1:1 modulation of 4bit OP parameters.
      E.g. Depth=15, Init=0 will control the parameter from 0,,15 in positive direction, and Depth=-15, Init=15 from 15..0 in negative direction
      7bit parameters can't be modulated in full range anymore, but this is acceptable considered that OP parameters are more important to form the sound timbre.
    • Audio Channel selections now assigned to CC#13..CC#15 to avoid conflict with Panorama CC #10

  • V1.3
    • PIC18F4685 only: Wavetables are stored in RAM for non-destructive editing
    • name is now entered when a patch should be stored in SAVE menu
    • random generator now copies new patch into all selected instruments
    • fixed waveform display in drum pages

  • V1.2
    • The firmware now supports the PIC18F4685. The additional memory is used for new features:
      • Nils added some nice looking special characters for LFO, OSC waveforms and operator connections
      • Wilba added some special CS handling code for sammichFM
      • TK added a random patch generator (-> RND page at the end of the menu)
    • Instrument LEDs are flashing now whenever a gate of an assigned oscillator is triggered
    • added possibility to play a note from the CS: press CFG + Instrument Key 1/2/3/4 to trigger a note
    • bugfix for finetune in upper range

  • V1.1d
    • built for MIOS V1.9g (or higher) to support new encoder types.
      Rotary encoders won't work with older MIOS versions!
    • a new SysEx command allows to store the current patch into EEPROM/BankStick.
      It can be used of no Control Surface is available - parameters can be changed via CC or SysEx
    • volume parameters now updated immediately on CC #28..#31 changes
    • reduced intensity of LFO/EG5 Pitch Depth parameter

  • V1.1c
    • base address of encoder table corrected (encoders were not working on new installations)

  • V1.1b
    • support for direct RAM buffer access via SysEx (-> see doc/midibox_fm_sysex_implementation.txt)
    • support for AOUT_NG module

  • V1.1
    • this version requires MIOS V1.9 or higher!
      It won't run with older MIOS versions, since the address space >= 0x7c00 is allocated
    • AOUT mapping now stored into first BankStick when the AOUT menu is exit. The values will be restored during boot phase.
    • an alternative view for the main page has been integrated, which shows a little bit more details about an instrument (especially the complete patch name) instead of cryptic numbers.
      You can switch to the old ("full") view within the CFG menu. The default view can be specified in the main.asm/setup_*.asm file
    • the internal WT editor now allows to modify the parameters of a whole track at once, this speeds up the initialisation of a new WT sequence. Just select the step position beyond 31 ("All" will be print) and modify the Mod, #1, #2 or #3 column
    • the WT editor now marks parameters with a '!' so long they haven't been stored in EEPROM
    • some minor bugfixes and improvements have been made

  • V1.0
    • initial release

Last update: 2024-05-08

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