MIDIbox SID V2 Change Log

Last Release: 2014-12-19

Current firmware, schematics, additional infos are located at http://www.uCApps.de/midibox_sid.html.

  • V2.044
    • This version got an improved rotary encoder handling.
      Please update to MIOS V1.9h before uploading the application, otherwise the improvements won't be effective.
    • swapped behaviour of ENC speed control again, so that encoders are at fast speed by default, and slow if SHIFT button pressed.
      This behaviour can now be alternated in your setup_*.asm file by changing the DEFAULT_SHIFT_SPEED_CONTROL_MODE option
    • implemented special encoder testmode which can be enabled with DEFAULT_TESTMODE_ENC_SPEED in the setup_*.asm file
    • envelopes are now released properly when a note is played via the SysEx editor (or with the PLAY button)
    • added new "SuperSaw" detune mode which has been created by Lis0r.
      In distance to the normal (legacy) mode, results are much better especially on higher detune values!
      The detune mode (DtM) can be selected in the OSC page for lead engine patches, and in the O23 page for bassline patches.

  • V2.043
    • fixed NRPN handling for Multi patches
    • implemented CCs for Bassline/Drum/Multi Engine
      See doc/mbsidv2_cc_chart.txt for available CCs
    • display updated when the patch name has been changed from external

  • V2.042
    • new SysEx commands to support the Lemur Editor
    • MIDI Clock is now optionally sent with the "Out" option of the Ensemble Clk page.
    • default encoder mode is "DETENTED3" now, since it works better for most encoders available on the market
    • swapped behaviour of ENC speed control: encoder now at fast speed if SHIFT button is pressed

  • V2.041
    • corrected sysex handling for MIOS Studio SysEx Librarian

  • V2.040
    • fixed SysEx patch write issue which happened when patches were received with the common format (e.g. preset patches)

  • V2.039
    • LFO MIDI Clock Sync has been overworked, it now supports 32 different rates from 16 bars to 1/32 notes including triple and dotted delays!
      If the CSn flag enabled the available rates are:
      0=LFO disabled, 8=16 bars, 16=14 bars, 24=12 bars, 32=10 bars, 40=9 bars, 48=8 bars, 56=7 bars, 64=6 bars, 72=5 bars, 80=4 bars, 88=3.5 bars, 96=3 bars, 104=2.5 bars, 112=2 bars, 120=1.5 bars, 128=1 bar, 136=1/2., 144=1/1T, 152=1/2, 160=1/4., 168=1/2T, 176=1/4, 184=1/8., 192=1/4T, 200=1/8, 208=1/16., 216=1/8T, 224=1/16, 232=1/32., 240=1/16T, 248=1/32
      Note that in MIDI Sync mode, the LFO Delay won't work because the appr. resource is used as MIDI clock counter.
    • current bank and patch number won't be changed anymore on direct RAM access via SysEx

  • V2.0RC1 .. RC38
    • Please read the README.txt and CHANGELOG.txt file of the package!

Last update: 2022-10-07

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