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MIDIbox Hardware Platform, SHX8 Module

This module is expired, as the NJU7304 chip isn't produced anymore!

The MBHP_SHX8 module expands MBHP_AOUT to up to 64 CV outputs. It consists of 8 Sample&Hold chips which multiplex the analog outputs of the MAX525. Please note that this module requires special support from the application which is not possible in all cases. Currently only the MIDIbox64 can drive the module, the worst case latency is 8 mS!


PCB data, can be viewed, modified and converted with Eagle Light. The .pdf based schematic has been created with xcircuit. There are no special eagle schematics available, since components have been netlisted in the .brd file directly!
Module Schematic Layout Data Quick-view
MBHP_SHX8_V1 mbhp_shx8.pdf mbhp_shx8_v1.brd mbhp_shx8_v1.gif
Additional informations
File Size Description
mbhp_shx8_orderlist.txt 1k Mouser orderlist
mbhp_shx8_interconnections.pdf 9k connection diagram for the SHX8 module


Following projects support the MBHP_SHX8 module:

Application SHX8:J1:SO SHX8:J1:SC SHX8:J1:RC
MIDIbox64 CORE:J10:RC (RC4) CORE:J8:DO (RD0) CORE:J14 (RD4)
MIDIbox64E planned

Soldering Guide

Start with soldering the 48 (!) bridges which save you from creating a 2-layer board. You can use the cutted legs of caps and resistors, before you throw them away after you finished all the modules! :-)
Mount all parts with exception of the ICs and check the power supply voltages (see schematic. Thereafter put the ICs into the socket and measure the voltages again.
Connect the PCB to the AOUT module and to your MIDIbox - the pinning depends on the application, see above. It's a good idea to start with the MIDIbox CV V1 application in order to test the module before using another application, since the usage is easier.


In order to get the module running, you have to modify the MIDIbox64 setup. Open the main.asm and change following options:


Thereafter rebuild the application like described here.

Latest News

Currently SmashTV (http://mbhp.coinoptech.com) creates an alternative layout with much less (or maybe without any) bridges!

Last update: 2024-05-08

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