MIDI Router

Created in April 2006

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This project is a fully customized application for my own needs. I'm using it since April 2006 to route my MIDIboxes to a single MIDI Port on my PC.
In distance to other DIY router projects it works bidirectionally!!! And it works pretty stable! :)

Changing the routing/filtering requires C programming skills!

Current button/encoder functions (can change from time to time):

  • Button A: MBSEQ routed to MBSID/MBFM
  • Button B: Force MIDI Channel of Keyboard to a specific Channel, Channel can be changed with rotary encoder
  • Button C: Transpose Keyboard, Tranpose value can be changed with rotary encoder
  • Button D: Keyboard to MBSID enable/disable
  • Button E: Keyboard to MBFM enable/disable
  • Button F: Keyboard to MBSEQ enable/disable

Press&Hold a button for 1 second: Panic function - send MIDI Note Off to MBSID/MBFM/MBSEQ Port on predefined channels

Important note: the J2:RI outputs of the MBHP_IIC_MIDI slaves have to be connected to J5:A0..J5:A3 of the core module (analog inputs, used as digital inputs here) - without this connection, the core could hang up, since the inputs are floating (-> random values) --- an interconnection diagram is available here.

Before using this project, you can test your MBHP_IIC_MIDI modules with the iic_midi_sw_loopback application, which is available in the MIOS download section.

This 19"/1HE case is available at Robeshop.de. I like it! It's very stable, but unfortunately the backpanel cannot be removed, and the holes requires a "strong" drill. It took me one day to get a small slot free for the 8 MIDI sockets. For the 2 additional MIDI sockets to the core I lost the motivation and just drilled two 8mm holes for putting through the MIDI cables.
The frontpanel is from Schaeffer Apparatebau. As it has two design imperfections (LCD a little bit too high so that case cannot be completely closed; missing screw holes for the buttons) I don't provide a link to the .fpd file here, since people tend to download and order such a panel "blind" w/o reading the comments.

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