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MIDI Monitor

Created in February 2000

The MIDI Monitor reports events, which are transmitted over the MIDI cable, in a readable form. It is useful for testing the MIDI equipment if no computer is available (ie., like on stage). I use this small thing to debug my MIDI applications.

The monitor shows on a 20x4 character display: MIDI channel, Note On/Off, Aftertouch, Controller, Program Change, Pitch Bend in text form and SysEx Data in hexadecimal format. With the two pushbuttons you can scroll through the history. If MIDI Time Code (MTC) is received, it will be displayed in the upper line. Alternatively also the current song position (bar/beat) as well as the BPM can be displayed if MIDI clock events are received.

Optionally an 8 digit LED display can be connected to the monitor which displays the MIDI-Time-Code (or songposition). If you want to use this circuit only as a MTC Monitor, just leave out the LC Display.

Controler Strings

Since version v1.010 controllers will be optionally displayed as text instead of numbers.

MTC Display

MTC is always displayed in the top line, so that the other events won't vanish from the screen.

MIDI Clock Display

During synchronization via MIDI clock the transmitted informations will be displayed instead of the MIDI Time Code, additionaly the Beats-per-Minute are displayed. Limitation: since the software uses the same resources for MTC and MIDI Clock, both cannot be displayed at the same time.


File Size Description
midimon.pdf 11k Schematic of the MIDImon
mtc_extension.pdf 12k Schematic of the optional MTC LED Display Extension
mbhp_doutx4_mtc.pdf 12k Connection Diagramm to the DOUTX4 modul
MBHP LINK see MIDIbox Hardware Platform
MIOS Download LINK MIOS based firmware for PIC18F devices with source code
PIC16F Firmwares LINK Firmware for PIC16F877 (expired, don't use it for new MIDIboxes!)
midimon_resarray.jpg 11k How to connect a resistor array (Reichelt part #SIL9-8 10k, EUR 0.12) to the MBHP_CORE module
MIDIbox Wiki LINK A lot of additional informations on MIDIbox and MIOS

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